The Chicago Style

An intimate look at the people of Chicago and their personal styles.


We spent the weekend exploring our home state of Illinois for the state tourism. || Enjoy Illinois

With John Stoffer, Nathan Michael & Daniel Kelleghan

If you decide to take your own trip, here are a few of our stops: 

Gemini Giant
Dell Rheas Chicken
Polk-a-dot Drive in
Lydia’s Loft
Pontiac Illinois
Towanda Red Carpet Corridor
Palms Grill Cafe in Atlanta IL 
Cozy Dog Drive In 
Obed & Isaac’s Brewery - Best brewery in Springfield 
Abraham Lincoln President Museum - A Must stop

(but finding our own rural exploration gave us some interesting backgrounds to create together, as a team)



Last night was a smashing hit! I want to thank everyone who came out and shared their thoughts and passions. Each one of you who laughed with me, shared cheers and praise. Advice and companionship, jokes and smiles.

I am propelled and swelling with love for the generosity of my friends & followers. This is what life is about!

To these people:

- Such an amazing evening with these people. I’m so lucky to have A Gentlewoman and to get to meet amazing people and share in wonderful experiences. Cheers to new and old friendships!


For Reals Meals dinner | Logan Square - Chicago, IL.

For Reals Meals is a dinner series run by Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant. Her goal this time around was to get a bunch of meat eating dudes together to show them the taster side of plant-based diets.

The dinner was hosted by the ever gracious Max Wastler at Bang Bang Pie in Logan Square. It was a beautiful night and made for great conversation and great imagery.


Ryan and I modeling for Glasshouse Shirt Makers || Chicago,IL || Photography by grantlegan using Fuji film


Spent today with Ryan, enjoying our neighborhood, eating delicious food and laughing until our sides hurt.

In June, Ryan and I will be moving to our respective hometowns and away from Chicago. It’s time to focus on starting our careers and unfortunately Chicago is just too expensive for us right now. I’m excited to finally have the time to focus on myself and my singing because I’m auditioning for grad school and I know Ryan feels the same way. I’m not looking forward to the distance between us, but I know we’ll be fine and it may even make our relationship stronger.

I will be in the city often for voice lessons, concerts and because summer in Chicago is amazing. This isn’t goodbye, just a temporary farewell.

It’s been great Chicago, but now it’s my time.